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Re: making money off your music

I think the key is to have multiple streams. I just lost my day job due to my back injury but I'm getting better so I am currently a musician by default!

Matt Stevens

On 8 Oct 2010, at 12:19, mark francombe wrote:

I agree with the Rick that the figures in this chart are very depressing. I shut up a few younger voices in my office, with these statistics, who feel that the internet is good for music... and I have always been saying, "Yes... for the consumer, not the artist".

I NEVER wanted to be a professional musician, I created a couple of pretty far-out bands in the 80s, one was successful and one was not, but I was as surprised as anyone when I found myself to be a pro for about 10 years. I was not well paid during this time (I currently earn about 10 times what I did back then) but it was a fun time, and very creative.

Now I work as a film-maker, and occasionally get to produce music for corporate films, and Im pretty happy doing that, but Im not sure that anyone I know is earning money thru only music.

I am not clever enough to guess where this will all lead, but Im very afraid that we will look back at the 60s and 70s and reminisce that it was the only time in history where it was possible to have a job as a musician, and NOT be a huge star. Remember the recording industry is relatively new, maybe one hundred and fifty years, maybe its over now...?

Luckily, people will always love music, so there will always be musicians, and at least we now live in a peroid where almost everyone can afford to make and publish an album, (a film, a computer game, a book) now THAT wasnt possible in the 60s and 70s!

Art will never die, long live Art!


mark francombe
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