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Re: making money off your music

?>  Erdem wrote:
> "that means that we have trained ourselves to become a sound engineer, 
> producer, remixer, arranger, performing artist, contemporary music 
> composer etc and everything in between in one personality!"

Either a kind of pleasant Renaissance Man curse-blessing, or the online, 
digital version of a one-man band-with-director-producer as well...?

I've decided that if I keep considering it as Art, while attempting to 
my business schmarts about me, at the very least I'll be happy with it. 
We'll see on that one...

On a slightly similar subject I'm working on a PD print of Ed Wood Jr's 
"Plan 9 From Outer Space" for airing this month on Ustream, as well as 
other sort-of classics including "Test Tube Baby", "White Zombie" and 
"Teenagers from Outer Space".  For Halloween weekend I'm doing up 
"Nosferatu" from a fairly-restored copy, which will be a good experiment 
soundtrackking for situational music therapy, or something.  I've got the 
copy with the cock crowing!

Stephen Goodman
EarthLight Productions
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