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Re: making money off your music

Kris Hartung wrote:
> It seems 
> today that the media and music industry is "conditioning" people to 
> appreciate immediate satisfaction, e-media, canned art. 

> How many people in the world "really" care and value 
> listeing to a live band, not in a club for dancing or drinking purposes, 
> but a real performance where the group is the center of attention and 
> considered an artistic performance?

Yep, things are bleak.

here's something positive

Here's my friend Chris Doddridge performing to half a
dozen or so people.


Chris has no desire to play to larger audience,
and considers his playing to be a meditation rather than
a performance.
He follows the ancient Dhrupad school of North Indian music,
and has quite strict views on not playing flashy stuff to
impress an audience.
While he comes across as very much the traditionalist,
Chris has his own distinctive style which often involves the 
re-stringing and retuning of instruments to a much lower pitch.