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Re: making money off your music

Hi list,

enjoying the discussion of survival ideas for musicians.
(I LOVE bandcamp.com)

Now i am wondering:
Is there a public black list for record labels, that don't deliver  
license statements?
I could contribute a few missing ones from 15 years of releases :)  
Aaaah, relieving.

Musicians are being enslaved all over the place, so i am also wondering
which labels are known to contract artists and their releases mostly  
for the purpose of keeping the
market free for already planned releases?
Which labels do you know, that still charge for artists for packaging,  
storage cost and/or
final sale of remnants of physical media?

How about a list of publishers acquiring rights to works only for the  
purpose of increasing the number of
acquired rights, actually intentionally collecting just to sell rights  
by number/in packages whenever possible?
What about a list of publishers failing to plug acquired artists and  
their rights in money-making opportunities?
How about publishers using contract clauses still, which eventually  
turn an artist unwillingly into a ghost writer
for a head line act instead of taking care of releasing the original  

I'm loving this.

However, it really would be interesting to work the other way round:
List labels, publishers, booking agents, promoters, distributors,  
journalists etc, who have a proven record of
believing in their (signed or unsigned) artists.
I have a few for this list as well :)
(Byron Coley of WIRE magazine just gave us a review for a limited 75  
copies release on CASSETTE TAPE!)

Besides all this i can confirm, that people look for gems, not for  
generic product.
The respect level seems to rise massively as soon as one can get  
customized hand-made product, in limited editions.
Those fly off the shelves here, anythign else never worked with me.

- - -