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Re: Indian style was Re: making money off your music OT

Interesting.  It sounds great and even looks like it might be more 
to play than the sitar, which I thought at the time was excruciating.  :)

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> Hi Kris,
> that's quite right, the instrument is commonly called
> a Rudra Vina, though Chris tells me that "Rudra Been"
> is more appropriate.
> Been players don't use a mezrab(mizrab?), so he plays with his
> fingers. His fingernails are short apart from on the 4th finger
> which he often uses for a brighter sound on the drone strings.
> Kris Hartung wrote:
>> He doesn't appear to be using a mezrab. Is that correct?  The miserable 
>> mezrab as I called it, when I played sitar.
>> But that doesn't even look like a normal sitar. :)
>> Kris
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>>> here's something positive
>>> Here's my friend Chris Doddridge performing to half a
>>> dozen or so people.
>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL9wHQH0jKg
>>> Chris has no desire to play to larger audience,
>>> and considers his playing to be a meditation rather than
>>> a performance.
>>> He follows the ancient Dhrupad school of North Indian music,
>>> and has quite strict views on not playing flashy stuff to
>>> impress an audience.
>>> While he comes across as very much the traditionalist,
>>> Chris has his own distinctive style which often involves the 
>>> re-stringing and retuning of instruments to a much lower pitch.
>>> andy