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"Surreal Spaces" - Today's MoinSound Studio Sessions

Today's MoinSound Studio Session - my bi-weekly series of video 
streaming concerts - will move away from my typical 
computer/Möbius-based approach.

Following the lengthy discussion recently on this list about stompbox 
reverbs, I decided to work a little with reverb effects. And as reverbs 
also have something to do with delays (and to keep it on-topic for this 
list), there will also be delays.

Hardware devices. I'm right now finishing the setup, but expect Eventide 
Eclipse (everybody's favourite Manifold Alpha and Ultratap2 mostly), TC 
FireworX, Boss VF1, Lexicon Vortex, Zoom 1201 (there's some odd reverbs 
in there) and Boss DD20 - and perhaps something else as well (like my 
old Sony GRMP5).

Link to the event (on ustream): http://bit.ly/9gy1Iq
Link to date/time info: http://bit.ly/9MeT6b

No registration required, free for all ages.

Starting in a little more then 1.5h

See you there!


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