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low droning A (55 Hz) was Re: making money off of your music

  Stan wrote:
"i hope everyone is eagerly awaiting to buy my one page tome on the
girthiness and playability of AEAC#EA tuning that i use to great
advantage for my Drones. that lo A is @ 55 hz."

seeyall at the fest

Man, Stan,  that's so synchronous.
I tuned my Strat down to A last week (although I'm using
an   AEABEA  tuning myself (I'm so in love with Sus 2, lately)
and I've been loving it.

I've been putting it (you'll laugh)  through a little
teeny Roland Bass Practice amp (that runs off of batteries)
but also putting it through a the really fantastic
octave fuzz sound that is on the BOSS OD20 (distortion/fuzz/overdrive
modeling pedal that has all the BOSS pedals ever made in it).

The modeling distortions are okay but the octave fuzz is the
best sound one I've ever heard and one string sounds like GODZILLA
even through my minuscule amp.

And I totally spaced that A is 55 HZ  (of course  440, 220, 110, 55)

That is also amazingly synchronous, because I've been working on an EP 
5:55:55 that I began in my 55th year that has 5 songs
all in 5/4, 5/8, 10/8 or are based on the concept of
5 of 5 of 5 (that sus2 again).

I'll have to record one of those tracks over with this guitar.

cool, cool,  cool,   cool!!!!!!!

  I can't wait to hear your set at Y2k-X