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     After an incredibly exhausting and exhilirating day,
all the loopers are finally in bed asleep.

They came as early as 1 o'clock (Randolf Ariola from Singapore)
and as late as 1 a.m. (Leander Reininghaus from Berlin).

All day long we've had wonderful stimulating conversations punctuated
by the constant stream (on the average of one every 10 or 15 mintues)
of small fires that I needed to put out.

Chris and Nancy and Bill and I worked all day to make sure everyone
was comfortable and there is now a tiny global village in my neighborhood.
Two loopers will sleep across the street;  two at the house next door,
eleven in the empty house that my gracious and generous neighbor, Mark 
Riley donated
(he got married to a woman in the neighborhood, moved in with her and 
his old house
is completely empty).  Thirteen people are sleeping at our compound 
(eleven of them loopers)

I went and bought 5 sleeping bags and 11 air mattresses to augment the huge
amount of sleeping bags and mattresses lent us by friends, family and 

Our washing machine died on us day before yesterday and we now have a brand
new one winging it's way to us tomorrow (of course, delivery is just as 
all ten loopers
get ready for their trip to the first San Jose concert and Bill and I 
prepare for our
15th anniversary of the 1st digital live looping monthly series 
performance at
Mobo Sushi..........a venue that hasn't had live music in ten years but 
which is opening
it's doors up to this historic occasion.

I'm so buzzed that I can't sleep but the house is so full of sleeping 
that I have to be really careful not to disturb anyone.

Tomorrow it begins...............the 10th Anniversary of this wonderful 
Mark Thorton (aka Arkmay) is here doing a documentary film on the whole 
proceedings and I'm very excited.

Tomorrow I actually may have a half an hour to try and get some kind of 
performance together.
There's been no time to think music until right now.

Awesome!!!!!!!   Everyone's here!!!!!