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I'll be saying a little prayer for you Rick.

I am looking forward to seeing you all and being there.

I am already scheduled to help Chris Cohn with the door sometime this  

If there is any other way I can help out let me know.

See you soon.



On Oct 13, 2010, at 3:16 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

>    After an incredibly exhausting and exhilirating day,
> all the loopers are finally in bed asleep.
> They came as early as 1 o'clock (Randolf Ariola from Singapore)
> and as late as 1 a.m. (Leander Reininghaus from Berlin).
> All day long we've had wonderful stimulating conversations punctuated
> by the constant stream (on the average of one every 10 or 15 mintues)
> of small fires that I needed to put out.
> Chris and Nancy and Bill and I worked all day to make sure everyone
> was comfortable and there is now a tiny global village in my  
> neighborhood.
> Two loopers will sleep across the street;  two at the house next door,
> eleven in the empty house that my gracious and generous neighbor,  
> Mark Riley donated
> (he got married to a woman in the neighborhood, moved in with her  
> and his old house
> is completely empty).  Thirteen people are sleeping at our compound  
> (eleven of them loopers)
> I went and bought 5 sleeping bags and 11 air mattresses to augment  
> the huge
> amount of sleeping bags and mattresses lent us by friends, family  
> and neighbors.
> Our washing machine died on us day before yesterday and we now have  
> a brand
> new one winging it's way to us tomorrow (of course, delivery is just  
> as all ten loopers
> get ready for their trip to the first San Jose concert and Bill and  
> I prepare for our
> 15th anniversary of the 1st digital live looping monthly series  
> performance at
> Mobo Sushi..........a venue that hasn't had live music in ten years  
> but which is opening
> it's doors up to this historic occasion.
> I'm so buzzed that I can't sleep but the house is so full of  
> sleeping people
> that I have to be really careful not to disturb anyone.
> Tomorrow it begins...............the 10th Anniversary of this  
> wonderful festival.
> Mark Thorton (aka Arkmay) is here doing a documentary film on the  
> whole weeks'
> proceedings and I'm very excited.
> Tomorrow I actually may have a half an hour to try and get some kind  
> of performance together.
> There's been no time to think music until right now.
> Awesome!!!!!!!   Everyone's here!!!!!