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Re: Y2K-X First Night

It was a great show Rick.

All of you outdid yourselves.

Glad I got to be there to see it.

The sushi wasn't bad either.

The only downer is that with multiple venues and simultaneous 
performances, there is necessarily stuff one is going to miss out on.

Well, it's another day...and I have to decide which performances I will 
attend tonight.

Decisions, decissions...



---- Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote: 

  I'm such a vampire......................again,   all the musicians sleep
soundly and the only light in the entire house is the glow from
my laptop.

The show was wonderful tonight at Mobo Sushi.

So many people came (including all of the artists who were not
playing in Santa Cruz).

Bill, Gary and I played as 'Third Wave' for a glorious 2 hours in
the first performance at Mobo in 10 years.

All the sushi master chefs came up afterwards and thanked us
and Kevin , the manager made an unbelievable tray
of ridiculously beautiful and delicious shushi at the end of the night.

Additionally,  Kevin had us sample really incredible and rare Sakis
and Japanese beers at the end of the night.

Exhausted,  I look forward to tomorrow's first multiple artist performance
in Santa  Cruz (and the shows at Anno Domini in San Jose and the
Luggage Store  in San Francisco..

Creativity abounds..............all who are here are so fortunate,  
including me.