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Re: Y2K-X First Night


Aw doggone it, did I miss your performance last night?

Will you be at any of the rest of the festival?

Hope to see you there.



---- Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> wrote: 

you, a vamp? your dream huh... 
I am still up, too, but only sucking red tea...
was fun playing at the galery, and amazing sound colors from everybody!
maybe the biggest surprise was the baloons...

Bob + crew maintained a great sound, thank you!

On 14 Oct 2010, at 04:03, Rick Walker wrote:

> I'm such a vampire......................again,   all the musicians sleep
> soundly and the only light in the entire house is the glow from
> my laptop.
> The show was wonderful tonight at Mobo Sushi.
> So many people came (including all of the artists who were not
> playing in Santa Cruz).
> Bill, Gary and I played as 'Third Wave' for a glorious 2 hours in
> the first performance at Mobo in 10 years.
> All the sushi master chefs came up afterwards and thanked us
> and Kevin , the manager made an unbelievable tray
> of ridiculously beautiful and delicious shushi at the end of the night.
> Additionally,  Kevin had us sample really incredible and rare Sakis
> and Japanese beers at the end of the night.
> Exhausted,  I look forward to tomorrow's first multiple artist 
> in Santa  Cruz (and the shows at Anno Domini in San Jose and the
> Luggage Store  in San Francisco..
> Creativity abounds..............all who are here are so fortunate,  
>including me.