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video recordings from Y2KX

I got video recordings of most (but not all, unfortunately) of the sets where we had live looping video performances.  You can find them all in raw unedited form here:


The recordings are direct from the video that was projected.  The files are very large - 400 MB typically.  Half of them don't have any sound (noted in the titles), but on Saturday I got a direct feed from the mixer and the sound on the remaining ones is pretty good.  I am editing Bill Walker's set to put on YouTube at some point, and it might be nice to collect samples of isolated ElectroSlate visuals (which haven't been recorded or shown much previously), but other than that I don't have any plans to edit anything else.  Folks are free to do whatever they like with the videos.  At the very least, the artists can see what the audience was seeing while they performed. 

If you don't want to download more than 7 GB (the total size of all of them) but want to check out a few, I would recommend the Lilli Lewis set for ElectroSlate examples, and the Krispen Hartung / Rick Walker and Andrew Aldridge sets for LoopyCam examples.   The Bill Walker set is the best combined (LoopyCam+ElectroSlate) example, but for that one you can wait for the edited version - we might be getting better sound on that one.