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Re: Some observations about Y2KX

BIll Walker and I were joking that we were glad we didn't have to hit the "Just Kidding" button on our loopers during our sets.

From: Johannes Korn <j.korn@gmx.de>

Matthias Grob schrieb:
>> 1) Few (if any) equipment glitches.
>> In the past, equipment glitches occurred with enough regularity that one considered glitches to be part of the looping game.  This year, the only noticeable glitch was when Bob utilized his prototype LP2 -- and, after all -- it was a prototype still in development.
> hm... ok, but I noticed that even most headliners had to say at some point: "crap" and restart a loop or so...
> as a listener, I do not have a problem at all. its even a circus tradition to do something wrong, to appear more human etc...
> but "professionals" may conclude that its not suitable for big stages or so?

That reminds me:
I once was at a performance of a big symphony orchestra and choir, who performed a symphony by Gustav Mahler (professionals on a *big* stage).  At one point the conductor stopped the performance, turned around to the audience and said: "We can do that better (Das können wir besser)." Then he started again with the movement where he had broken off. That impressed me very much,  I thought it was much more professional than somehow awkwardly trying to rescue the performance that had gone wrong.

-- Johannes Korn  - j.korn@gmx.de