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Re: Some observations about Y2KX

I definitely reduced the scale of my looping set up. I thought briefly 
about bringing a rack with me this year but in the end I really wasn't 
motivated to do so. I've gotten used to having two EDPs so that I can let 
one maintain a reasonably steady pulse and use the other mostly as a 
shorter echo. I hadn't really gotten used to the stripped down world of 
just using the looper in the Line6 M13 so I was probably more inclined to 
just let it play in the background though I always feel guilty when doing 
so on the basis that that seems more like simple accompaniment rather than 
"live looping". That said, while I think I liked my set at Y2K7 better, I 
didn't find myself needing to restart any loops this year.

And in the more things change, the more things stay the same... someone 
should figure out the percentage of performers who are principally