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Re: Some observations about Y2KX

Matthias Grob schrieb:
>> 1) Few (if any) equipment glitches.
>> In the past, equipment glitches occurred with enough regularity that 
>one considered glitches to be part of the looping game.  This year, the 
>only noticeable glitch was when Bob utilized his prototype LP2 -- and, 
>after all -- it was a prototype still in development.
> hm... ok, but I noticed that even most headliners had to say at some 
>point: "crap" and restart a loop or so...
> as a listener, I do not have a problem at all. its even a circus 
>tradition to do something wrong, to appear more human etc...
> but "professionals" may conclude that its not suitable for big stages or 
That reminds me:
I once was at a performance of a big symphony orchestra and choir, who 
performed a symphony by Gustav Mahler (professionals on a *big* stage).  
At one point the conductor stopped the performance, turned around to the 
audience and said: "We can do that better (Das können wir besser)." Then 
he started again with the movement where he had broken off. That 
impressed me very much,  I thought it was much more professional than 
somehow awkwardly trying to rescue the performance that had gone wrong.

Johannes Korn  - j.korn@gmx.de