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Y2KX Thanks

Just come back at home after that beautiful loopfest and I want to thanks Rick for this wonderful loopfest.
Last year I've managed 9 loopers here in Rome and can understand how much efforts and works can require connecting and organizing so many artists coming from all over the world. This loopfest has gotten bigger and bigger every year, with many talented musicians and also an interesting melting pot of musical genres and artists, programmers or creatives sharing ideas, opinions, desires.
Rick's contribution in growing up this community (or movement, or wherever you want to call it)  is really huge, IMHO

Thanks to Bill for being the "shadow" of Rick, the "solver" of any problem.
And thanks to Chris and Nancy whose collaboration and dedication were as precious as breething. Thanks to the dear Georgia for hosting me and Massimo in her house and all those friends of yours and collaborators, Tim and his team of visual artists whose contribution has been equally fundamental to make that terrific machine working well as it did.

It was an amazing week.