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I made a bunch of 11X17 Y2KX Loop Fest Posters
if anyone is interested in them.

I had them printed on heavy 'art' stock and they are printed in
glossy.  They came out beautifullywith Ted Killians all original artwork 
on display.

To raise more funds for the festival expenses,
I'm selling them for $10 USD postage paid.

You can paypal me at  looppool(at sign)cruzio(dot sign)com
with your name and address if interested.

If you performed at the festival,  I apologize profusely for
forgetting to hand them out as I had intended on the last night
and day after.

I'll send you one for the price of a packing tube and the mailing costs
in that case.

I won't be sending anything until after my much needed week vacation
which I'm in the glorious and lazy first day of!!!!

thanks,  Rick