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Iphone looper from Y2KX..... and beyond

Good point Per – title changed!!


Hi loopers, hope you are all well!


Been reading through the feedback from Y2KX and noticed that someone used an Iphone for looping in their set….. would love to know more! I’m using an iphone too in my looping set up and would be really interested to know what apps, hardware to connect the iphone to the rest of the equipment, plus anything else relevant were used by Massimo.


If anyone can share some info it would be appreciated!






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Well, here I am sat at work, its minus 3 outside...
I want to thank Rick for an absolutely amazing experience, Bill, Nancy and Chris for their hospitality, all the amazing and inspiring performances.
It was an honour to finally meet up with all those LDers that I have been rabbiting with all these years, especially Fabio, Mattias, Jeff D, Jeff L, Micheal, Ted, Per, Krispen.. well just everyone really.. Thanks to Miro, who I met on the plane and became a great drinking buddy...

Its not fair to judge, every single act I saw blew me away, but I would like to highlight a few performances that stood out to my ears...
Per, for incredible distorted flute, lush textures, and warped rhythms.
Bill, (and Nancy) for... well... the most accomplished, seamless, looping I have ever heard.
Massimo... that iPhone... cool...
Miro, for an insanely cool organic buildup to the most kick-ass beat in the whole festival,
Kris and Rick, for the free jazz msp bleeps and bloops...
and the winner is:
The Balloon man! (San Jose set...) wow...

oh well....

back to life... back to reality...

Thanks again Rick


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe