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For Sale: My complete EDP based dream looping station for guitarists! Versatile & Portable! $2399

Hate to do this but I'm broke... I'd rather see it go to one of you then sold in pieces. 

For Sale: A complete EDP/Midi based dream hardware looping station for guitarists! Super versatile yet super simple and portable! $2399

This is version 3 of my dream EDP based loop station for a midi guitar + two instruments (the regular guitar output plus another, for instance.) Everything but a few of the pedals (which were used in earlier versions of my loop station) are in absolutely pristine condition. I never gigged with it at all. Actually, I hardly played with it. 

In order of appearance in the picture from top to bottom and left to right.

Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus w/ Loop4 and Foot Switch (On Ebay for $775)  Mine is Like New! I'll sell for $649

Terratec Axon Ax 100 is a Guitar-to-Midi Controller ($1200 new, if you can find ‘em!) Mine is Like New! I'll sell for $799
(Pickup and cable do not come with it, those are sold separately and I'm keeping mine.)

Custom modified cymbol stand with welded plate to hold rack mounts...  Oh, lets call it $75

Furman SPB8C Stereo Pedalboard with Power Conditioner and Case  ($350 New)  Like new for $299

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal ($100 Online) My price:  $75 

2 Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay Pedals $150 used on-line (x2) = $300. But for you... $199 for the pair.
(One for guitar, one for whatever’s selected via the Morley Switches 

Ibanez TS9 9 Series Tubescreamer Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal (online for 99) My price:  $75

2 Morley AB Switches $54.95 Each (x2) = $110 new.  My price: $75 for the pair.
(One for 2 instruments out to the second. The second switches (or mixes) that (or them) and the Axon AX100.

Rocktron MidiMate (Midi controller for switching presets on the Axon AX100) $200 new. My price: $129 

(I’m keeping the VM2-1 Sustain pedal pictured in the lower left.)

Plus something like 14 audio cables and 2 midi cables, most cut to an exact fit. (All are working fine and should continue being fine, but they're not guaranteed... they are used cables after all.) Lets call it $100

So $2,475 gets just about any sound out of your head and into the world, without lots of weight and bulk or software crashes. 

Hell, let's make it an even $2,399 for the package. (That's a further discount instead of an up-charge for thinking it all out and putting it all together!)

New this would all be North of $3800 ish.  (My best guess if everything listed was brand new in a box.) 

1) I absolutely hate shipping stuff so I usually sell cash-in-person-only but obviously only we loopers will understand the true magic of having all these things together so I'm making an exception for Loopers Delight folk since we're likely all spread out. (I live in Portland OR.)
2) That means I'm not really interested in splitting it all up, but we can take a few things you won't want out or if there's only 2 or 3 divisions, that'd be fine. 
3) Buyer pays packing, shipping, insurance and decides the shipping method. 
4) How do people usually protect both interests when shipping stuff? Like, sellers know they'll get the money and buyers know they're buying things that work as advertised? (Everything works.) However people do that, I'm fine with that, I just don't know because I never do it! If somehow you live in portland, hooray, you get an EDP lesson to boot, if you like! 
5) Serious inquiries only please! If you think I'm wildly off on some price, let me know and show me a link but other then that, I'm pretty firm. The Axon Ax 100 is the only one I'm uncertain of... I thought that was cheeper.... maybe I misread the link and that one came with a pickup but it didn't seem that way. Anyway, if I'm wrong about that let me know but I probably won't go much less because you can't get them anymore anyway! If there is an error in my logic though, let me know. I trust this community. 

You're better off using darrow@christopherdarrow.com for actual inquires.  (No use snooping on christopherdarrow.com though, fyi, my music isn't up anywhere, just some video work at www.synstu.com )
USA 503.327.9329