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RE: Swollen Pickle [was: My Y2KX recording]


You wrote:

>> In the quest for further simplification, if someone can recommend a 
>> good option for feeding stereo amp simulators, I'm tempted to replace 
>> the M13 with an M9 if I can manage to fit everything on one pedal 
>> board.

Yeah. I couldn't help but notice that you were running 2 of the SansAmp 
modelers in your rig (one to a side in stereo).

In the early days of my M13 acquisition I was sort of unhappy with the 
"sterile" sound of the M13 coming through my Mackies.

I thought (fairly naturally) that an amp simulator should go at the very 
end of the signal chain and because I play stereo I'd need 2 as well.

Well, Bill Walker kindly steped in (since I was asking his advice about 
the M13 anyway) and suggested that I simply use one Sans Amp GT-2 (or 
other box of that veriety) in mono at the head of the signal chain (just 
after the guitar).

I scratched my head and thought . . . nah, that's not right . . . but 
tried it anyway.

Sure enough, he was correct.

If an more "amp-y" sound is what you want (and with less space taken up 
in the board), try just using one of your pedals towards the beginning 
of the chain.

Surprisingly, the result is near enough to the same (unless for some 
reason you WANT the slightly divergent sims of the "tweedy" Blonde and 
the"Brittish" Liverpool specifically).

If it were me, I'd pick the Blonde and put it up front and save the 
space that way.

Just a thought.