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RE: Swollen Pickle [was: My Y2KX recording]

You'll find that a majority of Axe-Fx presets do the same - that is 
pitch, delays and reverbs after the amp and cab models.

At 2010.10.21 05:20 PM, =?UTF8?Q?tEd_=C2=AE_kiLLiAn?= wrote:
>You wrote:
>>>In the quest for further simplification, if someone can recommend 
>>>a good option for feeding stereo amp simulators, I'm tempted to 
>>>replace the M13 with an M9 if I can manage to fit everything on 
>>>one pedal board.
>Yeah. I couldn't help but notice that you were running 2 of the 
>SansAmp modelers in your rig (one to a side in stereo).
>In the early days of my M13 acquisition I was sort of unhappy with 
>the "sterile" sound of the M13 coming through my Mackies.
>I thought (fairly naturally) that an amp simulator should go at the 
>very end of the signal chain and because I play stereo I'd need 2 as well.
>Well, Bill Walker kindly steped in (since I was asking his advice 
>about the M13 anyway) and suggested that I simply use one Sans Amp 
>GT-2 (or other box of that veriety) in mono at the head of the 
>signal chain (just after the guitar).
>I scratched my head and thought . . . nah, that's not right . . . 
>but tried it anyway.
>Sure enough, he was correct.