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Fw: [Boise-Musicians] Y2KX Improvisational Set of me and Rick Walker, Santa Cruz

I wanted to forward this on, what I sent to a few groups I run, but mainly 
to get a good plug in for Rick.  I meant everything I said below, Rick!  :)

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Hello folks,

Below is a link to the YouTube video of my set with festival director Rick 
Walker at his recent Y2KX International Live Looping Festival in San 
Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, CA.  This was the grand finale of 
festival series, sadly, but this has to be one of the most inspirational 
sets I have played in my career as an improvisational guitarist.  Rick is 
fabulous percussionist, who really knows how to listen, has a sense of 
humor, and and can play just about any genre on the planet.  I am so 
to have played with him, yet again, and I hope to bring him to the 6th 
Annual Boise Creative and Improvised Music festival this year so that I 
selfishly steal him for another set like this.  :)

I am playing through a custom archtop guitar and a Fender Blue Junior 
re-issue, and I am looping both Rick and I through my laptop, Max/MSP, and 
looping patch written by Jeff Kaiser, which I have customized to be 
automated and randomly loop and generate random loop effects (reverse, 
speed, double-speed, random speed, random buffer, etc, and a combination 
these). Rick is also looping as well on top of this.

This is a far out set, as is the video, which was shot and edit by Tim 


Kris Hartung