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R: Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

Hi, great and brave discussion! what is ART? one the question of the humanity.

I think that is not possible to define ART, is the classical word that everyone means in different ways

so the definition that we could attribute to it is a form of communication without using classical channel,

by the way i agree with Mark, it is impossible to know the value of art (even if many people do it) sometimes

it hit directly inside our heart sometimes it does no effects, probably because we are differently tuned, i don't

know but when it does it seems like somone have touch your inner chords and is fantastic.

I excuse me for my not perfect english. I hope you understand my efforts to express these complicated

concepts but i'd like to give my contribute to the discusion.

Greetings to evrbdy!

Massimo Liverani

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