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Guitar for sale plus some other bits

Hello from sunny but COLD London, Loopers! I’m selling some music equipment and I wondered if you knew anyone who might be interested?


The main item is my beautiful Airline Twin Tone guitar. Here’s the ebay ad for pictures and spec (I put the ad on last week, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to meet my reserve so probably won’t be sold):




It is the same make as the famous Jack White red guitar used in the White Stripes and he also uses the Airline make in The Raconteurs, plus this particular model has been used by lots of pro musicians, from the Black Keys to David Bowie. As you can see from the ad, it’s had some new amazing pick ups fitted, which really gives it that dirty blues sound and it’s been set up by a pro so it plays like a dream. It’s a reluctant sale as I need the money; it is by far the best sounding guitar I have owned and really comes into its own when playing blues…. I definitely would not sell if I didn’t have to! I’m looking for around 320 for the guitar – do you know anyone?


Also selling the stock dual hot rail humbuckers which came fitted to the guitar, that are pretty damn good too…. I just wanted a rawer sound. The guitar tech said they were up there with the best humbuckers on the market…. So if he was impressed I’m sure the buyers will be too! Looking for 50 for these. Open to offers though.



If you know anyone who wants to buy any of the above please get them to get in touch….. happy to answer any questions…. Or negotiate……


We can discuss shipping, etc too if you are interested.