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FS: ARP 2600 in US. Greyface with CMS upgrades

Title sez it. I am selling my 1970s Greyface Arp 2600. In VGC with CMS
audio path upgrades and extra work.  FULLY working in great shape.

Original Arp 2600 modular synthesizer. Greyface unit with original "moog"
4012 filer. When I bought this in the 90s it was in bad shape. I had CMS
(THE top ARP 2600 authority in the country) go over everything from top to
bottom and had them install a new CMS VCO, clean and lubricate all
sliders, jacks, etc.

 I also had the full audio path upgrade performed and had a new old stock
speaker put in, 1/4" in and output jacks, extra multiples, and a new
Power supply upgrade. This thing is a MONSTER and a great player synth.

Check out the CMS pages for what the Audio upgrade and features they
perform are here: 

Cosmetically the tolex is worn but the case is solid and comes with a lid.
 The front panel is about an 8/10 with no major scratches etc and it has a
dedicated LFO mod installed under VCO 1 which could have been done to look
better but actually works quite well. (You can see the knobs and three
outputs in the pic). I had CMS work on the spring reverb and it has a
slightly different mod mix between the left and right channels which is
cool for making things cleaner or deeper into space depending on how you
plug in and out.

Bad phone pic of the actual unit up at:
http://www.helpwantedproductions.com/Salez/2600s.jpg  I will take others
for serious buyers of course.

Asking $6000 US ONO. That is my stock price for the 2600 with all upgrade$
and service (which cost a few thousand on their own).  I do not want any
more than that so the only cost will be actual shipping and packing to
where you are for a total.

I REALLY REALLY do NOT want to ship this but for a quick and painless sale
I will consider it if the buyer handles all costs. I imagine it will be
expensive to ship to Europe mostly because of insurance and taxes but as
long as I get our agreed price I will do it.

If you pick it up locally here in Phila PA I will happily be a bit
flexible on the price. Will consider meeting nearby as well. NY and DC
buyers very welcome. Do your research and see what this unit in this
condition with CMS work is going for.  No trades.

Unit is 100% functional and will be tested demoed for any serious buyer.
If you are out of town I'll do a phone and/or video demo.

This is my personal 2600 and I have good trader posts locally and online
from Analog Heaven, Ebay, and more since the mid 1990s. I know synths and
their condition. As the dealer sharks say "no surprises" here. This is a
great unit with awesome features and sounds wonderful. Will send
references to serious buyers once we meet.

Given the price I may work out a partial cash and local bank cashiers
check deal as well. The full check will need to be cleared and verified
prior to the unit being delivered. Same with bank transfers from those far
away. I'm flexible and helpful but not stupid :)

Any questions please let me know. I do not HAVE to sell this but would be
happy to do so to a good and solid buyer.

Thanks for looking!

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