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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

mark francombe wrote:
Art is when the Artist deems it to be thus... that is it!
Agreed, art is intent.

is it necessary for the artist to understand it?

Concepts yes... details.. maybe not...

I think that, yes, an Artist should understand their work. But it maybe that part of the piece itself may be ways of creation that surprises the artist or that produces work that they may not be fully comprehend-able, but accepted as the piece due to the methodology behind it.
This sort of made sense untill
"....they may not be fully comprehend-able, but accepted as the piece due to the methodology behind it....."
This requires some explanation.

I think this is often the case... Matisse dropping coloured paper or indeed Eno, with the tape loop system. An acceptance that "anything can happen" is still understanding ones work.
Generally the anything can happen in time based work is termed aleatoric. Not sure if this applies to painting or such.....
 And creating work without definite meaning is still producing something with that intent... so I think Artists do always know what they are doing...
Could you give an example of this? I can't imagine in any way producing a work of art without defrinite meaning.... For instance, if I wrote a poem without any definite meaning, would it still be a poem? Would anyone be able to do this? I suspect that an honest attemp to do this would be fruitless, so my judgement of such a work would be possible art but completely sterile. Pure serialism in music would be an example in my opinion, even though I can still find such things as rthym, tempo or even random harmonies in serialism, I still find it sterial. I also wonder what the use of such art without definite meaning would be. If I wrote a play without any definite meaning, what would the audience go away with? Even an attempt to force the audience to create their own meaning would probably form a very short-lived fad, one reason why we don't see any of the wonderful Theater Of The Absurd revivals happenning often......

Mark Showalter
Minden Jot!



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