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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

yep, just got into Jan Svankmajer

Svankmajer is possibly God...
I was into the Brother Quay before I discovered him... if you havenet already seen it The Street of Crocdiles is one of my favorite bits of animation ever.. very heavily influenced by Svankmeyer...

mark francombe wrote:
Art is when the Artist deems it to be thus... that is it!

is it necessary for the artist to understand it?

Concepts yes... details.. maybe not...

Actually, this is somthing I maybe have to think about.. tis a good point...
Hmmm (adopts thinker pose)

I think that, yes, an Artist should understand their work. But it maybe that part of the piece itself may be ways of creation that surprises the artist or that produces work that they may not be fully comprehend-able, but accepted as the piece due to the methodology behind it.
I think this is often the case... Matisse dropping coloured paper or indeed Eno, with the tape loop system. An acceptance that "anything can happen" is still understanding ones work. And creating work without definite meaning is still producing something with that intent... so I think Artists do always know what they are doing...

Does Lynch get to the end of Inland Empire and go... "What the fuck was that all about?"... I doubt it... But he may easily think "Damn... I wonder why I had Laura Dern coming in from the right instead of the left... oh well..!" 

mark francombe
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