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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

Well said, Per.. :)

Quoting Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>:

>>> Could you give an example of this? I can't imagine in any way 
>producing a
>>> work of art without defrinite meaning.... For instance, if I wrote a
> On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 7:47 PM, Kevin Cheli-Colando
> <billowhead@gmail.com> wrote:
>> That statement seems very problematic to me.  What is your idea of 
>> meaning?  I play improvisational music.  I do not know what it will 
>> like or where it will go.  I consider my ability to do this an artform 
>but I
>> would have no idea what the meaning of the sound is.  An expression 
>that we
>> exist in a world of limitless creative possibilities?  Perhaps.
> Yes, I think so. Here's an interesting extreme example: It might even
> occur that the art in improvisational music has less to do with what
> sounds are actually produced as with the process of the musicians
> trying to find "something to say" (i.e. looking for common ground). In
> this case *the artist's intention* - to go with that definition of art
> - is to put themselves into unknown territory and just deal with that
> situation as best as they can. An audience can even enjoy following
> this process if the musicians are unsuccessful in finding a common
> ground expression (goofing around in confusion until the piece is
> over).
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