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the "sound" thing....(now: art definition)

someone said:
But my original question was: "what is art or a definition of what is or constitutes art"

i'm very late to this, and haven't read all the posts, but saw this, so i will chime in:

there is no ONE definition of "art" or "Art".
art is basically a western european ter
m, that has been in our lexicon for about 500 yrs or so (think Renaissance).
sure you can look up in the dictionary or wiki or encyclopedia for a definition, but the way w/ modern art (anytime from late 1790s to 1850s for start-lots of debate)
is that whatever definition is made for art, a new group of artists goes against this and challenges conventions (this can be applied to anything from impressionists
through dadaists to conceptual art, etc)...