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Blog posting

In addition to our community I'm also a member of ImprovFriday on the Ning network that some of you are members and some have heard of.  I run a blog publishing two to three times a month that's news and reviews about the goings on at ImprovFriday.

Timely to the recent Y2KX I included in the posting I did earlier today, some thoughts on the Y2KX experience and some pictures from it of those of us who are in both communities.  Hence this might be of some interest or if you're curious about ImprovFriday then have a look.

My link is http://whatsnewatimprovfriday.wordpress.com



From Brooklyn To Glindran, a new World/Free Jazz recording by Jim Goodin & Peter Thörn.  Proceeds
from the sale of this CD will benefit JDRF International.  jimgoodinpeterthorn.bandcamp.com.