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Re: 7200 HD for live recording

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Christopher Darrow <thedarrow@gmail.com> 
> Mine died with little use and no abuse.
> I mention this only to emphasize that you're really never safe with any 
>one hard drive, though your odds may generally be slightly better with 
>one brand or another.
> So back it up!

Can't be stated too often! I use two external firewire LaCie drives
and they contain the same data. As soon as a recording session is over
I copy the project folder with my work documents and audio files to
the other drive. So if ever one dies I won't loose any work.

Another aspect of having two drives is to save time by not having to
use those time consuming "disc health applications" to defrag drives.
What I do is to simply wipe one drive (reformat) and drop-n-drag all
stuff again from the other drive. This gives a new and optimal disc
access to those huge audio files (computer systems, and especially
hard drives, are not designed to handle such huge files under the
pressure of doing stuff in time that music applications demands and as
a result the system may store files "less wisely" on the disc)

For backing up daily business work on the system drive (text files
etc) I can recommend Time Machine if using a Mac. I have a cigarette
package sized USB drive for that. Not to be recommended for audio work
though! ;-)