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Very quick report...

After a very few software headaches, I VERY QUICKLY got a bank of pedals working with the EDP. I didnt have to program the NOTE OFFS although that IS possible. This enables allsorts of nice sus things like press down for reverse, when you release the pedal, go to half speed.

There ARE some silly things, but I havent figured out if its just cos Im not doing things the sensible way. Like when you have programed somthing for a button, it gets to be in a drop down menu. So you can select it easily again on a different BANK.. sorry Scene (still in FCB world) .. BUT that finctin is ONLY available on THAT button, so if you want RECORD to be on button 1 on one bank and button 4 on another bank, you cant just select it... bit silly, and I suspect its a bug.

I HAVE hade some odd things happening on the EDP without me pressing at all, have to figure out if that an EDP issue.. may be. 

Main thing for me is the switch pressure. I find it VERY hard to ensure a good, well timed press. as there is no "click" i means the most reliable method is to STAMP HARD!!! 

I have tried to adjust the sensitivity, but haven't really noticed a difference as yet.

There is no issue with accidentally triggering adjacent pads, as they disable any pad in the area of foot stampage (so if you wanna use the multitouch stomping, its best to move those 2 pads far apart) I have on bank where I have 2 substitutes on either end of the softstep. One is for my first EDP and one is for the second, and I can feed stuff into 1, 2 or both at the same time, which is nice.

Thats it for now... food shopping to be done... BOOOO who needs to eat...?

BTW, Is anyone interested in an online app where you can save/share you pedal arrangements. (What you put on different Banks etc)  During Y2K-X I discussed with a few people how they set up their FCBs and what-not, I thought it was pretty interesting the variation.
Anyway, Im toying with creating a form where you can save a profile and then add functions you use on what buttons, and even add new functions (like scripts).

It wont DO anything just a way to document it on the web and show each other.. maybe theres a simple solution to this however?