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Possibly OT but related: In the 'spirit' of Halloween

We have had a excellent thread event this weekend on ImprovFriday in the spirit of Halloween.  ImprovFriday if you don't know is an experimental music community on the Ning network at http://improvfriday.ning.com which some of us from LD are participating members.

Each weekend we have an open call for work created for the thread which begins Thur afternoon and concludes Saturday evening at 10pm PST.  The musical works are all posted under Creative Commons and many of them evolve getting 'mashed' in to other pieces.

All the work created during the event is left posted on the ImprovFriday front page through the following Thursday.  Take a listen at http://improvfriday.ning.com and even better consider joining in next time.  Topping off last evening Jeff Duke did an excellent live video webcast in the 'spirit' via uStream hosted on the ImprovFriday page.

I contributed three violin trax to the thread, all created with my new down sized looping rig which traveled with me to Loopfest.

Happy Hallows...


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