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Re: Boomerang 3

Thanks Todd, after reading the not exactly confusing but complicated manual I am not convinced yet that it could work for an unsynced delay type ambient looper guy like me.

One thing is you can't add overdubs (or stack) while it is fading?!  With the 2880 you can add more sound while it is fading at whatever rate the slider is set at.

I am most interested in the Free Play style which sounds interesting but then it seems that you have up to 4 independent MONO loops? 2 stereo loops would have been the way for me. This is how i use the 2880 s 4 tracks or two stereo pairs. I really must have stereo.

 I may be wrong on this, I am not clear on this stereo function of the III. It goes on to say at the end that if you plug into both R & L input/output jacks this makes it stereo? I don't think this means that it records stereo loops somehow...?

you said "If you are somebody that would half the tempo, reverse, stutter, overdub, undo/redo, and fade out all in the same tune"  Yes that's me! I do play barefoot or in light socks so perhaps a toe could operate those buttons? It does seem to have independent reverse,octave, etc...a good thing! maybe tricky toe tapping to do this though.

I do like the looper in the M9 but since it is mono also I end up not using it much or the same way i would with a stereo looper, I place it before other fx and treat it more like another instrument to be stereoized later. hehe, my spell checker hates that word stereoized!

I am sure there is more and many things I wouldn't find until I actually try one for a while

enough out of me,


On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 6:23 AM, Todd Matthews <gtmatthews@gmail.com> wrote:
I love my Boomerang III !! I have been straddling the fence since I starting looping which way to go laptop or hardware. I continue to make attempts with both but the Rang 3 has been the most productive way for me to work so far. From my perspective, I mostly do song style looping with another musician and with the Boomerang it just gets the job done and I 'm not spending time learning new software with an endless upgrade path. It has a really small footprint which I like because I sit down when I play my instrument and only have so much available space to reach pedals with my foot. The Boomerang has lots of features but the downside is that you can have 4 engaged at any one time. (with a long or short press of the Bonus green/yellow buttons) This is actually a feature for me because I get more music done with less features. If you are somebody that would half the tempo, reverse, stutter, overdub, undo/redo, and fade out all in the same tune the Boomerang could be frustrating because the buttons you use to change the function of the yellow/green bonus buttons are extremely small and I would only feel doing in between songs.
I'll post some videos of me doing some cover tunes soon that I arranged for the purpose of learning the rang 3 and an M9.

-Todd Matthews

On Oct 31, 2010, at 12:22 AM, Jeff Duke wrote:

> I am thinking about selling my trusty eHX 2880 and getting a boomerang III.
> There have been some reports here on it but wondered if anyone has any new reviews on how they are liking it.
> Even better would be someone who has used both the 2880 and the Rang III for a more direct idea of the differences/similarities.
> thanks,
> Jeff