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Re: Boomerang 3

I love my Boomerang III !! I have been straddling the fence since I 
starting looping which way to go laptop or hardware. I continue to make 
attempts with both but the Rang 3 has been the most productive way for me 
to work so far. From my perspective, I mostly do song style looping with 
another musician and with the Boomerang it just gets the job done and I 'm 
not spending time learning new software with an endless upgrade path. It 
has a really small footprint which I like because I sit down when I play 
my instrument and only have so much available space to reach pedals with 
my foot. The Boomerang has lots of features but the downside is that you 
can have 4 engaged at any one time. (with a long or short press of the 
Bonus green/yellow buttons) This is actually a feature for me because I 
get more music done with less features. If you are somebody that would 
half the tempo, reverse, stutter, overdub, undo/redo, and fade out all in 
the same tune the Boomerang could be frustrating because the buttons you 
use to change the function of the yellow/green bonus buttons are extremely 
small and I would only feel doing in between songs.
I'll post some videos of me doing some cover tunes soon that I arranged 
for the purpose of learning the rang 3 and an M9.

-Todd Matthews

On Oct 31, 2010, at 12:22 AM, Jeff Duke wrote:

> I am thinking about selling my trusty eHX 2880 and getting a boomerang 
> There have been some reports here on it but wondered if anyone has any 
>new reviews on how they are liking it.
> Even better would be someone who has used both the 2880 and the Rang III 
>for a more direct idea of the differences/similarities.
> thanks,
> Jeff