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Echoplex and iFCB: midi nightmare

Once again I appear in search of help..

I am having (BIG) troubles with midi end my echoplex.

I have two of them (older white Gibson, but both with loop IV), and I have 
two FCB1010.

Once I programmed one FCB for the EDP, using notes. It was kinda simple, 
everything worked out fine.
Then I went back to the EDP footpedal for having a smaller footprint 
control. But I miss the direct access the more button can give, so I 
reconnected the FCB and... nothing worked anymore.

I reprogrammed the FCB (it is easy.. I saved the original Sysex file I did 
since I use iFCB for mac for programming it, so I just reloaded it - and 
checked the values of the notes used), tried new cables, tried on both the 
EDP swapping both iFCB: I did everything that could come to my mind as a 
solution. Ofc I checked that they are both on the same MIDI 

All I can get is changing the programs on the EDP. But I cannot get 
anymore it working as a control of the functions. 

What am I doing wrong? They clearly talk to each other but I feel lost. 

It must be something on the EDP. Is there something I am missing, can 
someone help me?

I actually hate MIDI, really.

I do

thanks for any suggestions