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Re: Bill Frisell a master at work.. some great use of looping

One thing you cannot accuse Frisell of is settling into a predictable 
pocket... he has made all kinds of music in his time, much of it quite 
edgy and avant garde... and by now he has earned the right to say "I grew 
up with the Beatles, their songs are in my bones, and right now I want to 
get my arms around them." Right? One day any of you folks may say the same 
or similar :)

IMO what makes him a true great, is the fact that regardless of what he is 
doing, he has a voice that is uniquely and identifiably his own. You can 
hear Frisell's voice no matter what the treatment or context... that is a 
rare accomplishment, and a sign of greatness.


On Feb 5, 2012, at 11:15 AM, Brian Good wrote:

> On 2/5/12 8:16 AM, mark francombe wrote:
>> I have no doubt that theres some interesting stuff in this guys history,
>> but its sad when he ends up just playing masterclass versions of
>> classics... I might one day get around to checking out his other albums,
>> but only after Ive checked out all the warp electronica, lots more
>> dubstep, made myself appreciate Merzbow, absorbed Smegma, Zorn, Boris,
>> Gultskra Artikler, Craig Vear, Daniel Menche, Homework, Ghost,
>> Suspenzia, Dat Politics, given Xenakis a go, and maybe followed one
>> tenth of the links that Rick posts on the Weird Instruments tribe,,,
>> theres just too much to listen and look at nowadays...
> When you get around to figuring out Zorn, check out his band, Naked 
> City. And check out who's playing guitar.