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oVERTONES wASHING uP oN a sONIC sHORE (music, noise...)

More soundcloudish granular stuff.. or ambient or experimental.. or mental..

Again one take no overdubs.. no canned sampels, all live sampling and re sampling,.... looping
new guitar a Steinberger Synapse transcale that i plan to use as a travel guitar.. and a V-stack weedy into Elektron Octatrack that loops, samples and warps the guitar.... 
And puts out sounds that all came from guitar.. but sounds like something else 

...this is the last five minutes of a longer take


Set up a lot of rate change and made sure that slowing down rate on a sample does not affect pitch.. 
rate is often mapped to scenes so i play the crossfader on the Octatrack to get granular soundclouds that i like... from the live sampled stuff...

Getting to weird?? No problem I will get weirder..