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Re: Re: Creating a more flexible setup

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, kay'lon rushing wrote:
How often and long would you recommend practice? Sorry Im a bit of a looping noob lol.
I'm tempted to say,  "as long as it takes" until you are satisfied,
but I tell my looping students to set a five minute clock and
do 6, 5 minute pieces in a 30 minute time span, once a day.

You do that for a couple of weeks and you'll start having some cool
new 'chops'.

Also, and I think I've said this before, change it up.

1) write from a chord progression

2)  write from a drum beat up

3)  write from a bass line

4) use a single scale, mode, rag or maqam and switch it up from improv to improv

5)  use only sound design as a point of departure

6) make a piece that has no structure or that has loops that don't syncrhonize

7) turn around and make a piece that is highly rhythmic and structured

8)  pick up an instrument or two that you DON'T know how to play and
learn how to play enough of it to make a single loop

9) play fast tempi............very, very slow tempi.

Change it up but work quickly and work continuously........in other words, keep
to the discipline of the 5 minute piece that has to be followed immediately
by another one.

All of these things work well for stimulating both your creativity and stimulating your growth,
both as a looper, technically and as a composer.

good luck,