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Re: Re: To those who make a living off of music

>> Kaylon went:
>>> Thanks man. I ask if you survived because the question popped up when 
>>> my
>>> english teacher said he first went to college for music but said that 
>>> it
>>> stripped all the fun out of it for him so he changed his major.

If you know music I wouldn't imagine it can much difference to take a
formal education or not to. Well, meeting inspiring people at a school
could of course be a good thing, if that happens. Myself I  have
always avoided music schools though. Not for any ideology reason but
just because they have seemed so boring (compared to just making music
right away). Never understood how you can educate yourself to make
music. I didn't need to learn scoring notes either because when I
checked out what notations was I found out that I already knew how to
do it. Same with scales, chord and theory. It's all in music and if
you listen to music you hear all that. More interesting to me then are
the emotions that lurk between notes, qualities that are difficult to
notate. And it seems those things are more important than anything in
both amateur and professional music, so that should be your focus if
you intend to work in music. I'm not at all against musical education,
I just don't think it makes much difference for your prospering
musical abilities. But of course... if you play a certain instrument
you will gain several years development time by learning form a person
that knows all the tricks of that particular instrument. But can't
that be achieved way faster by taking a handful private lessons than
going to a school?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen