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RE: OT: Music School/Theory

For me, what makes music different from say reading, is that music is
layered much more blatantly - you have multiple instruments or voices all
playing simultaneously.  

For me, when I really like a tune,  I sometimes extract certain instruments
or passages of tunes and the rest turns in to background.  The other thing
is that it's  difficult for me to listen to music as background music or
(ACKK!!) carry on a conversation while listening to a tune that someone 
me I have to hear!

It surprises me how much discipline (or a couple beers)  it takes for me to
listen holistically, which is usually what the composer intended (the
holistic aspect not the beers...or maybe...). Not that I can't enjoy music
as it is but sometimes I have to be vigilant to just be with the music.