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XFest 1012 and very special upcoming performance

Hi folks,

I'll be doing video improvisations Friday night at 119 Gallery in Lowell (my favorite performance space) as part of the 2012 edition of XFest. I'm on for the first five sets Friday evening --The format of the festival is simple and challenging: 20 visiting artists and 40 local artists perform. On Fri and Sat evenings there are 10 half-hour sets with 2 visiting artists and 2 local artists -- I've pasted the full schedule below.

Not much can be more special than XFest, but a visual music live performance with four of my favorite amazing wind players sure comes close-:)

March 10 at Outpost 186 in Cambridge.

Doctor T with "Four Winds Blow" -- four of the best wind players in (or out of) the Boston area

Doctor T -- Video mixing   (http://www.youtube.com/Tobenfeld)
Neil Leonard -- Reeds
Tom Plsek --    Trombone
Jim Hobbs -- Alto Sax
Forbes Graham -- Trumpet

XFest schedule


The first day of XFest. It begins in the evening with 10 1/2hr sets. Visiting artists/performers are grouped with local artists/performers. The process is somewhat random. The general rule is that you play with people you have never played with before. A number of sets include movement and all the sets have live video. 8:00pm Sean Ali - double bass, Brad Henkel - trumpet, Noell Dorsey - voice, keyboard, Stephanie Lak - voice, guitar 8:30pm Dustin Carlson - guitar, Bonnie Kane - reeds, Bill Bacon - drums, Kate Lee - bass 9:00pm Shayna Dulberger - double bass, Valerie Keuhne - cello, Rick Breault - laptop, Curt Newton - drums 9:30pm Ellwood Epps - trumpet, Al Margolis - laptop, Todd Brunel - bass clarinet, Andrea Pensado - laptop 10:00pm Dave Grollman - snare drum, Jeff Young - violin, Michael F Dailey Jr - voice, guitar, drums, Ryan Scott - keyboard 10:30pm Tom Hamilton - electronics, Andy Allen - reeds, Flandrew Fleisenberg - drums, percussion, Junko Simons - cello 11:00pm Emilie Mouchous - electronics, Peter Negroponte - percussion, Arkm Foam - cassettes, Abram Taber - bass, electronics 11:30pm Chris Welcome - guitar, Mike Funaiole - analog synth, Frank Turek - reeds, Jules Vasylenko - reeds 12:00am Dave Miller - drums, Ras Moshe - reeds, [open slot], deiX - voice, electronics
12:30am [open slot]
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Aisha Cruse, and Betty Wang - movement and Katherine Liberovskaya, David Linton and Dr T - live video


The second and the busiest day of the festival starts with brunch. In the afternoon Jazz & Poetry, a collaboration between musicians and poets with artists drawing and painting live to the words and music. Throughout the festival the gallery presents a special exhibit featuring collages by Joshua Jefferson. Again, the evening features 10 1/2hr sets. In each visiting artist/performers are grouped with local artist/performers. A number of sets include movement and all the sets will have live video.

12:00noon Brunch

2:00pm Rick Breault - laptop, Stephanie Lak - voice, guitar, Walter Wright - drums with Derek Fenner and Ryan Gallagher - reading 2:45pm Shayna Dulberger - bass, Chris Welcome - guitar, Ras Moshe - reeds, Paul Marion and Dave Robinson - reading 3:30pm LMNo: Lucio Megenon - guitar, Steve Norton - reeds 4:15pm Sunshine Soldier: Dustin Carlson - guitar, Brad Henkel - trumpet, Dave Miller - drums
 5:00pm a duo: Audrey Chen - voice, cello, Valerie Keuhne - voice, cello
Alyshia Lien - live art

 6:00pm Potluck Dinner

8:00pm Bonnie Kane - reeds, Marc Bisson - guitar, Lou Cohen - laptop, Joshua Jefferson - reeds 8:30pm Audrey Chen - cello, Dave Miller - drums, Steve Norton - reeds, Dave Seidel - electronics 9:00pm Dustin Carlson - guitar, Emilie Mouchous - electronics, Morgan Evans-Weiler - violin, Crank Sturgeon - himself 9:30pm Sean Ali - double bass, Chris Welcome - guitar, Lou Bunk - ???, Id m Theftable - himself 10:00pm Brad Henkel - trumpet, Al Margolis - laptop, Jed Speare - laptop, Mickey O'Hara - ??? 10:30pm Valerie Keuhne - cello, Andrew Neumann - laptop, electronics, [open slot], [open slot] 11:00pm Tom Hamilton - electronics, [open slot], Erik Brown - electronics, Karen Langlie - cello 11:30pm Elwood Epps - trumpet, Ras Moshe - reeds, Kit Demos - double bass, electronics, Forbes Graham - trumpet, electronics 12:00am Shayna Dulberger - double bass, Lucio Menegon - guitar, Luther Gray - drums, Angela Sawyer - suitcase of acoustic delights 12:30am Dave Grollman - snare drum, [open slot], Kristen Elisabeth - bass, Kevin Frenette - guitar
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Aisha Cruse,Teresa

119 Chelmsford St
Lowell, MA 01851
8:00 PM

My videos, including recordings of some of my performances, can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/Tobenfeld

Culinary note: There is an outstanding Cambodian restaurant next door to the gallery.
"I rang a silent bell ..."  -- Robert Hunter
"... cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it" -- Bob Dylan

My photography can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/22231918@N06/collections/72157603627170351/