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Re: BBS format

I thought quite a lot about the different kinds of modern communication
I see a sequence from spontaneous to serious:
Facebook - mailing list - forum - blog - site - book
and ideally the information would flow from left to right, being corrected 
and compacted

in other words: 
please, whenever you do a search and find and gather some information from 
this archive or wherever, please pack it into a review of this information 
and post it, maybe rather on the Livelooping forum than here.

On 21 Feb 2012, at 12:48, joy_top top wrote:

> Ditto, This list doesn't word wrap for me and I can't respond with the 
> same subject line. Many times I only get the first couple sentences and 
> the rest runs several pages to the right. It is why my voice isn't heard 
> here very much.
> Denis, Monterey Bay & IA
> "But it is broke. Its 2012 guys, not 1971 arpanet. A BBS establishes  an 
> interactive online repository that does not require every message to 
> bounce around all the users. Its just grossly inefficient in storage and 
> bandwith. Not to mention its multimedia limited.  I'm just sayin. Just a 
> suggestion from the peanut gallery. ;)"