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Re: Re: Do We Perceive Beauty in an Unexpected Context

On 2/20/12 10:29 AM, David Coffin wrote:
Ditto Paul and Pawel; this "experiment", which I recall reading about shortly after it happened, always seemed to me to have been set up to guarantee the results obtained and wanted, and pretty obviously so.
I had a similar reaction, noticing that he was right inside of the door as people were entering which guaranteed that people would have momentum to move past him, whereas, he could have set up right next to where the trains come in so that people would have been forced, in this setting, to listen more.

This reminds me of when Worlds Collide once did a gig opening up for Cher of all weird things at a huge corporate party.

They literally had us play on a large ledge above the entrance to the buidling so that everyone entering the party passed underneath us. I was dismayed because we were set up to 'fail' merely by our location and, sure enough, hardly anyone listened to us (and I thought we
were pretty original and pretty good).

Cher, parenthetically, had a rack of 6 autotune units which I found hilarious and was still more entertaining that when we opened up for Kenny G at a corporate event.