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NYC gig this Friday night...

for those into industrial and it's various peripheral and  sub genres:

William Bennett  (of Whitehouse fame) is playing the public Assembly in
Brooklyn this Friday night. The bill also has four other acts varying from
songs to sonic expiration in beats, noise,  and more.  Most are rare
appearenecs and the collective lineup is both diverse and quite
interesting IMO. Bennet's project du jour is Cut Hands and he's damn
serious about it's Art. Should be a good show.


I'm playing guitar for the David E. Williams set. We go on EArly at 9pm
for a short but hyper spirited set of twisted songs of love and hate. (the
write-up on the PA link pretty accurately describes  mr. Williams' 
oevre.)  If you're headed to the show please feel free to say hi.

I'm told the show is currently sold out but there may be a small number of
tickets to be released possibly the day of the show (Friday) .  Best to
check in with the venue as you see fit. Hope to see some die fly and geeky
faces there!
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