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Music or bad habits ruining it for me.

I love music. Thats a given. But it is almost starting to break more than 
make me. Lately the only thing I've ever been able to really focus on is 
music. Its horribly affecting my grades at school. Every night (such as 
tonight) I dont do my homework it is often a music related problem. Today 
I just laid in bed after school worrying about what to do because I havent 
progressed in piano and have lessons tomorrow. I also was listening to 
music. My sleeping patterns are screwed up now. Every day I tell myself im 
going to go to bed at a normal time only to (time after time) 
unintentionally fall asleep halfway slouched on my bed still wearing all 
my day clothes then wake up at 3-4am feeling stupid for once again not 
getting my homework done. Dont make it back to bed until about 5am then 
have to wake up at 6:45 to get ready for school. Im always too tired at 
school so i dont learn anything which just leads to me not doing my 
homework again and repeating the same destructive cycle.