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Re: Not having musical training - the good and the bad

Correction:  I have NOT composed with standard notation since 1986.

I have a new computer and the cursor seems to jump around at random.  :(

Quoting kkissinger@kevinkissinger.com:

Quoting Matt Davignon <mattdavignon@gmail.com>:

So, why don't I drop everything I'm doing and learn to read western
notation? I simply don't like the system. I think the musical staff
should be written chromatically, rather than requiring the reader
pre-memorize a pattern of valid notes (and then breaking that rule
with sharps and flats). I want the symbol for a half-note rest to
actually look like it takes more time than a quarter note rest. I'd
like to see notes take up as much room on a bar as their duration. (A
1/4 note takes up 1/4 of the bar.)

I agree whole-heartedly.

When I first encountered MIDI back in the 1980s, my notion was that I would compose with standard notation however I quickly discovered that I preferred piano-roll editors. I have composed in standard notation since 1986 -- even for contrapuntal music.

I studied standard music-theory in college however I put it entirely out of my mind when composing/creating. However, if I encounter a "problem" -- i.e., a passage that doesn't "fit" with everything else -- then I can "zoom in" on it and apply music theory knowledge to fix it.

-- Kevin