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Re: LP2 Owners

Just a question, im not an LP2 waiter... but I have had a similar
experience with a synth-module. I have to say, after 3 years of
waiting,  an american (the guy selling the units was American, not
sure I would have bothered, internationally) sued him, and we all got
our money back...

now I understand that he's being given some slack here, due to being
friends with Rick n Bill, and I think that's good, we are getting
answers, via The Walkers, he seems annoyingly silent however... (after
we had gone for a while with synth module guy, we demanded weekly
reports, how many were shipped that week etc)

But heres my point,. I'm assuming that he is getting the actual board
manfacturing /component soldering , done elsewhere, china or
somewhere.??? I mean it wouldn't be a viable business if he was
sitting alone in his kitchen at night soldering iron in hand....? Of
course there are many single people unit making and selling
electronics successfully, Devi Ever for example, however her circuits
are mostly extremely simple, (and insanely overpriced)... which is a
good business model!!!

So when Bill says he works at night building these things... im also
assuming (praying) that he means final assembly???

it's just that in the modular synth world, it is normal to ship
modules in this state, leaving the buyer to assemble it into their
system as they will.
Maybe he might want to offer that? I'm sure that some people can
manage to solder a few LEDs Knobs and sockets???

Just a thought... might not be for everyone, but some may want their
units... sooner..


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On 26 Feb 2012, at 04:09, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> I'm very sorry you guys haven't received your units yet, I'm waiting on 
> mine as well, though I knew I was going to be having to wait until all 
> of the pre-orders were delivered. If I hear anything I'll let you know. 
> I do know that every time the work load heats up at his day job, it cuts 
> in to his night job building these things, and the nature of silicon 
> valley jobs these days  is that fewer people are handling the same work 
> load previously handled by more people,  though I know thats true in 
> many other work sectors as well.
> Bill