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LP-2 Update (for Gary Lehman, especially)

Dear Gary and everyone waiting for a pre-ordered LP-2,

I talked with Bob today and he told me that he has
answered every single email he has received about the LP-2
orders and that he has also posted on the Looperlative Forum
and at the Loopers Delight Facebook site with updates about
the units.

His mother is visiting him from the midwest so he is one week
behind on the forum post but that will end in a day or two.

So,  if you (and specifically,  Gary)  have not heard back from
him,  it means he hasn't received your email.

Just to be double sure,    please write to him at this address
to make sure he gets it.  He's expecting something from you.


Also, in update news,  I just discovered a bug in the LP-2 that we had
missed previously,  but Bob just got it fixed and is assembling boards to
ship out as we speak.

yours,   Rick Walker