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Galactic Travels Top 20 Report for February, 2012.


WDIY 88.1 FM "Galactic Travels" Top 20 for February, 2012.
Shows #774 to #777; 2-February-2012 to 23-February-2012
Reported in non-ranked, alphanumeric order.
Compiled by Bill Fox

The Special Focus for February was Paul Nagle.

Amongst Myselves - Ambient, Landscape and Space - none
Brian Parnham - See None, Hear None, Speak None - Floating Point
Circle - Miljard - Ektro
Cyber Zen Sound Engine - Cooperation - none
cyberCHUMP - Their Moment of Perfect Happiness - Internal Combustion
Dan Pound - Cocoon - Poundsounds
Jeff Talman - Nature of the Night Sky - New Domain
Justin Vanderberg - Synthetic Memories - Spotted Peccary
Modulator ESP - The Unknowing - none
Monty Adkins - Fragile.Flicker.Fragment - Audiobulb
Numina - Dawn of Obscurity - Numinamusic
Oystein Jorgensen - Imagine - Auraltone Music
Paul Nagle - Blue Book - NeuHarmony
Paul Nagle - CyberDiver - NeuHarmony
Paul Nagle - Red Book - NeuHarmony
Paul Nagle - Twilight - BogusFocus
Phillip Wilkerson - The Stars and Afterward - none
Robert Rich - Medicine Box - Soundscape
Wave World - Tableaux - VFR
Wendy Carlos - Sonic Seasonings - East Side Digital

Host of Galactic Travels, an electronic, ambient, and space music show,
Thursdays at 11:04 pm EST/GMT-5 on WDIY 88.1 FM in Allentown and
Bethlehem, 93.9 FM in Easton and Phillipsburg, and on 93.7 FM in
Trexlertown and Fogelsville.  WDIY also broadcasts in HD Digital Radio
on 88.1 FM.
Galactic Travels web site: http://galactictravels.info
Listen to WDIY at http://wdiy.org/listen on-line.